Top five golfing performances of the year

With all four majors behind us and the curtain coming down on the 2023 golfing season, it is time to take a look back at some of the best performances and moments from the past year.

Below we take you through the five best moments from the last year in golf.

‘Rahmbo’ wins final round shootout at The Masters

It certainly didn’t take Jon Rahm long to find his stride in 2023 as he picked up his first win just eight days into the year at the Tournament Of Champions, making it two in a row at The American Express just two weeks later.

Rahm headed into The Masters with three titles to his name already, after picking up the Genisis Open title in mid-February to rise to third in the world golf rankings prior to the sport’s most prestigious tournament.

Heading into the final round, Rahm was two shots back from leader Brooks Koepka, with the two set to go out last to battle it out for the title. What followed was to be a combination of John Rahm being absolutely on fire, and Koepka melting under heat.

Rahm would go on to shoot an impressive three under par score of 69, whilst Koepka wilted to a three over 75. Rahm would win his first ever Masters title by a four-shot margin, joining an illustrious club of Green Jacket owners.

Michael Blocks out the pressure at PGA Championship

Prior to the 2023 PGA Championship, Michael Block was little more than the club pro in Southern California. He had played in 25 PGA Tour events, making four cuts, and winning the Southern California PGA Player of the Year nine times from 2012 to 2022.

Block caught the headlines at the end of the second day as he was the only club professional to do so. Fans really started to take notice when Block shot a level-par third round, whilst playing with Justin Rose, to finish the day in eighth position.

The pressure was piled on Block after he found out that he would be playing his final round alongside Rory McIlroy, but the American certainly didn’t crumble. After a largely steady round, Block scored a hole in one at the 15th hole on his way to a round of 71, which saw him finish in 15th place to complete one of the greatest underdog stories in golf’s recent memory.

Harman walks alone atop Royal Liverpool leaderboard

If you had told someone in 2017 that Brian Harman was going to win The Open in 2023, not many would have questioned you after he finished T13 at the tournament, as well as T2 in the US Open that year, but at 125/1 he didn’t roll up to Royal Liverpool with much expectation.

Harman didn’t set the field alight straight away and after the first round all eyes were on hometown hero Tommy Fleetwood who led by one. The second round was when the tide took an insurmountable shift with Harman ending the second round five shots ahead of the rest, the joint largest lead after 36 holes at the Open Championship since 1934.

On what was a sparse, windy and far from easy Royal Liverpool course, many expected some of the bigger names to reel in Harman as the holes passed, but the American had other ideas. Harman went two under par in his third round to keep his lead at the top to five shots.

With last round nerves the talk of the media, some of whom were hoping that Harman would faulter, the lesser-known lefty proved all doubters wrong as he topped the leaderboard by an emphatic six shot margin as he lifted his first ever Major title.

DeChambeau shoots record-equalling 58

LIV Golf has been a big talking point this season, less so the events that have actually taken place on the breakaway tour’s courses. Although LIV Golf is seen by many to be a less competitive environment, Bryson DeChambeau achieved a feat which would be tough for most to match at a pitch and putt, never mind a professional golf course.

DeChambeau winning his first LIV Golf title at the Greenbrier was far from the headline on the back page, with his final round score of 58 the main talking point. The big-hitting American’s scorecard consisted of 13 birdies and just one bogey as he became just the seventh man to shoot 58 in men’s professional golf and only the fourth to do so on a main tour.

Europe take over Rome in a day

After all of the individual achievements we saw throughout the year, it was a team performance that truly capped a fascinating year of golf. Team Europe headed to Rome for the 2023 Ryder Cup with revenge on the agenda and stacked team ready to make their mark… and make their mark they did.

Nothing sets the tone for a Ryder Cup tournament like a chip-in on the first hole and Viktor Hovland produced just that to send him and Ludvig Aberg one up – Team Europe never looked back from that moment.

After just one day’s play the Europeans had produced a highlight reel fit for the entire weekend as they finished day one with a five-point lead, with many believing that the competition was already over.

Europe did not once take their finger off the pulse, with standout performance coming from Rory McIlroy, Tyrrell Hatton and Viktor Hovland. Luke Donald’s men would avenge their 2021 defeat and more, winning the competition by a margin of 16.5 points to 11.5.

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Top 10 Companies in the Capital Goods Field

Most companies offering goods and services rely on raw materials and capital goods obtained elsewhere. Multiple major conglomerates are creating these capital goods that facilitate manufacturing businesses that cannot develop them themselves.

Here, we take a peek at these wizards behind the curtain who help all kinds of companies produce anything from medical devices and medicine to cars and planes.

So read on to learn how the modern industry sector works.

What Are Capital Goods?

Put simply, capital goods are physical products used to create other goods—for example, tools, vehicles, machinery, chemicals, and even various spaces and buildings.

The capital goods industry plays a crucial role in driving economic growth and product innovation and development. After all, without them, we wouldn’t have the variety of consumer goods available today to make our lives better and easier.

The 10 Best Capital Goods Companies

So let’s delve into the top 10 companies in the capital goods field, exploring their market value, growth trajectory, and key details about their operations.

1. General Electric (GE)

  • Market Value: $121 billion 
  • Employees: Over 172,000

General Electric, commonly known as GE, is a multinational conglomerate based in Boston and New York. With a rich history spanning more than a century, GE has established itself as a leader in various industries, including aviation, healthcare, and power.

Businesses of all sorts use GE’s engines, software solutions, wind turbines, and even weapons on a steady basis. To stay on top of the game, GE invests a huge chunk of its yearly revenue into R&D of new competitive technologies to stay ahead of its rivals.

2. Siemens AG

  • Market Value: $134 billion 
  • Employees: Approximately 311,000

Headquartered in Germany, Siemens AG is a global powerhouse in the capital goods sector, as it successfully provides automation and digitalization products and services for several sectors, including construction, energy, healthcare, and transportation.

Specifically, the company is a well-known pioneer of several innovative technologies, such as medical imaging equipment and various industrial automation solutions. Lately, they’ve also been making significant progress in AI and machine learning.

3. Honeywell

  • Market Value: $138 billion 
  • Employees: Over 103,000

With experience dating back to the early 1900s, Honeywell was built into a technology and manufacturing giant producing cutting-edge capital goods for a while now.

While operating in the aerospace, building, and safety sectors, Honeywell offers a rich portfolio of everything from avionics systems and navigation technology to heating & ventilation products, various performance chemicals and materials, and protective gear.

4. Caterpillar Inc.

  • Market Value: $134 billion
  • Employees: Over 109,000

Also known as CAT, this construction equipment manufacturer became a global behemoth over the last decades and is now offering all sorts of mining and construction equipment, vehicles, and materials, as well as engines, power systems, and financial services.

A slew of industries across the globe are relying on Caterpillar’s premium products, including the mining and construction sector, agriculture, transportation, forestry, energy production, and many more. Without infrastructure, there’s no development, and without Caterpillar, building a country’s industrial infrastructure is rather difficult.

5. 3M

  • Market Value: $58 billion
  • Employees: Over 92,000

Originally known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, 3M has evolved into one of the world’s leading capital goods manufacturers, producing everything from adhesives and laminates to medical and car products and software solutions.

Nowadays, 3M is focused on expanding its global presence across several industries (healthcare, electronics, construction, and automotive) and investing heavily in its R&D department to create breakthrough technologies.

6. Raytheon Technologies (RTX)

  • Market Value: $142 billion 
  • Employees: Over 190,000

Formed after the merger of Raytheon and United Technologies, Raytheon Technologies (RTX) has an expansive area of influence in the aerospace and defense sectors. On top of that, the company is operating in the space exploration and cybersecurity spheres.

So can encounter the brand’s stamp on anything from military equipment (missiles, radars, weapons, etc.) to cutting-edge cybersecurity software, aircraft, and aerospace products, such as avionics systems, flight control systems, landing gear, and more.

7. ABB Group

  • Market Value: $75 billion
  • Employees: Over 105,000

This Swedish-Swiss conglomerate has been one of the leaders in the capital goods sector for decades, thanks to its state-of-the-art robotics, automation, and electrical equipment.

You’ll find it offers anything from various robotic assistants to power generators, electrical components, and software platforms for automation purposes. For that reason, you’ll find its products in industries such as transportation, manufacturing, and utilities.

8. John Deere

  • Market Value: $132 billion 
  • Employees: Around 70,000

Deere & Company, commonly known as John Deere, is a renowned American manufacturer of construction, agricultural, and forestry machinery. Its commitment to quality, durability, and innovative solutions has contributed to its excellent growth and market value. 

With a strong customer base and a global presence, Deere & Company continues to expand its product portfolio to cater to the evolving needs of the agriculture and construction sectors, which products like top-notch tractors, harvesters, excavators, and more.

9. Hitachi

  • Market Value: $59 billion 
  • Employees: Approximately 300,000

This diversified Japanese conglomerate has operations in various sectors, including construction machinery, power systems, and information technology. Regardless of the sector in which it operates, Hitachi delivers innovative and unique products.

Thus, its portfolio includes all sorts of products, ranging from data storage and server solutions to power generators, industrial pumps, railway systems, medical imaging technology, mining equipment, and engine electronics for motor vehicles.

10. Emerson Electric

  • Market Value: $53 billion 
  • Employees: Over 85,000

Based in the United States, Emerson Electric is another company older than a century that has grown into a key player in the capital goods industry with a portfolio covering the manufacturing, energy, healthcare, electronics, and telecommunications sectors.

The company’s product line includes everything from automation solutions and commercial and residential systems to climate technologies, home tools and products, and networking solutions. On top of that, this giant is shaping technological advancements daily.


All of the companies listed above are powerhouses that drive innovation, growth, and technological advancements. After all, they supply essential machinery, equipment, and services to various other manufacturers. On top of that, they are also major employers with vast workforces and employment opportunities. 

Furthermore, sustainability is a key focus for these companies, as they keep on implementing environmentally friendly practices, investing in clean technologies, and promoting energy-efficient solutions. So as we move forward, these behemoths will keep on shaping the industrial landscape, the global economy, and our lives at large.

America’s Hot Takes on Reddit’s Top Controversial Opinions

There’s nothing that ignites a heated debate more than a controversial opinion, but we’re not talking about pineapples on pizza or if “Friends” deserves the hype it gets anymore. Instead, we set out to uncover the latest and niche unpopular opinions that’ve been creating some buzz online these days. Out with the old, in with the new! 

To unveil this year’s current controversial opinions, we headed to Reddit’s /unpopularopinion/controversial thread and assembled the 15 most upvoted opinions in 2023. From this, we conducted a nationwide survey to measure whether Americans agree or disagree with these contentious views. Here’s what the nation has to say.

Key Findings:

  • 74.7% of Americans unite in agreement on the unpopular opinion that “you’re not vegetarian if you eat fish.”
  • Americans were almost evenly split on two statements: “there’s no valid reason to hate Meghan Markle or Prince Harry” and “Seinfeld isn’t as funny as people make it out to be!” 
  • 89.8% disagree with a majorly unpopular opinion: “sitting on the beach is a waste of a vacation.”

Top (un)popular opinions Americans stand by

Reddit is well-known for their directness and honest opinions, but do you know who else is famous for their passionate views? Americans. Here are some of the unpopular Reddit opinions that a significant majority of Americans solidly agree with.

Over 15.7k Redditors and 74.7% of survey respondents united in agreement that “you’re not vegetarian if you eat fish.” This may seem obvious to some, but the pescatarian diet has blurred the lines for many. One Reddit user even commented “True! I worked with a guy who ate fish but no other meat (well, except eggs) and he said he won’t eat anything with a neck.” Clearly his co-worker has never watched Finding Nemo as “fish are friends, not food.”

Taking a health-conscious stance, 61.1% also agree that “cigarettes should be banned”. Yet with 30.3k upvotes on Reddit, there’s been a lot of back and forth in the thread. While many Redditors support the idea of banning cigarettes, others argued against prohibition, stating “ban banning things”. Surprisingly enough though, past and current smokers chimed in and also agreed with the majority of Americans on their stance.

United States of America? More like Divided States of America

Here ye, here ye – “there’s no valid reason to hate Meghan Markle or Prince Harry,” says 56.4% of Americans. The original poster (OP) wrote “they’re allowed to share their thoughts about the royal family…it feels like a hate train people are joining because it’s popular.” This sentiment seems to resonate with slightly more than half of the nation. However, the opinions were closely divided, as one Redditor jokingly remarked, “Harry, is that you? What have we told you about seeking validation on social media?” – representing the 43.6% who do see a valid reason to maintain negative feelings towards the once royal couple.

“Hello Newman”, sorry to break it to you but a little over half (52.9%) of the country thinks “Seinfeld isn’t as funny as people make it out to be!” The OP reveals their struggle to find entertainment with the show and states, “I’m currently at the beginning of season six after kind of torturing myself through the first five…I don’t know what all the hype is about and how it could be unbelievably successful.” The defense of this controversial opinion, however, argues, “the people under 30 don’t get it either because the show is driven by human interactions.” Fair enough.

(No) Thank you, next! Unpopular opinions that remains unpopular

One thing about us, Americans, is we have a strong fondness for comfort aka leisurewear and pajamas. However, an OP clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and sparked a debate, declaring “pajamas are stupid and unnecessary tradition.” An astounding 84.7% of respondents strongly disagrees, with over 14.1k Redditors ready to defend pajamas’ honor. One user pointed out, “not sleeping in pajamas isn’t the problem, the problem is who the hell sleeps in jeans in bed on purpose.” Touché.

Do you sea what this OP seas? An overwhelming 85% of Americans oppose this unpopular opinion: “seafood is disgusting”. OP goes on to rant that “they look good, but the texture, the taste, and the overall experience of eating them, it just disgusts me”. A curt, but not harsh, response of “sorry your palate sucks” perfectly encapsulates the general belief shared across the nation. 

“Sitting on a beach is an absolute waste of a vacation,” says no one ever – oh wait, except for one Redditor who clearly doesn’t know how to vacation properly. A whopping 89.8% of Americans disagree entirely with the very unpopular opinion. Despite the mass disagreement, the thread accumulated 11k upvotes of indifferent responses. The top comment stated, “people enjoy vacations differently, when you plan your own you can do what you want…I can only stand it as long as there’s things to do or beer in the cooler.” It seems that cold beer on the beach is a solution for OP! 

In the end, Reddit and America never fails to provide us with intriguing hot takes. If you’re seeking some icebreakers for future social events or, dare we suggest, first dates, look no further than our very own curated list of the current top 15 most controversial opinions.


In July 2023, we delved through Reddit’s /unpopularopinion thread and refined our search to only ‘controversial’ and ‘this year’ posts. To uncover the 15 most controversial and unpopular opinions, we only gathered posts with at least 10k upvotes. After careful curation, we surveyed 1,500 U.S. residents to analyze if they agree or disagree with such views.

The average age of respondents was 38.6 years old. The representative sample comprised 49.5% male, 48% female, 2.1% non-binary, 0.3% transgender, and 0.1% other.

Fair use

Feel free to use the data or visuals on this page for non-commercial purposes. Please be sure to include proper attribution linking back to this page to give credit to the authors. 

For any press questions, please contact rhiannon.odonohoe[at]

Top 10 Race Tracks in Australia ▷ AU’s Best Auto Racing Circuits

Many of the events held on the race tracks featured here are also very popular for online sports betting in Australia. They offer great odds, as motorsports are one of the greatest betting markets in almost every sportsbook.

Main Specs of the Best AU Motor Race Tracks

Australia has dozens of race tracks of all sorts and categories, including 460-metre drag racing strips to drift racing circuits and Moto GP race tracks. In this blog post, we will focus only on the top 10.

Race Track Name Circuit Length Racing Types Location Surface
Albert Park Circuit 5.3 km (street circuit) F1 Australian GP, V8 supercar racing Albert Park Lake, Albert Park VIC 3206 Asphalt
Sandown Park 3.2 km (motorway), 2.4 km (racecourse), 715 m (greyhound racing track) V8 supercar racing, motorcycle racing, horse racing, greyhound racing Springvale VIC 3171 Asphalt/turf/sand
Sydney Motorsport Park 4.5 km, four configurations TCR racing, V8 supercar racing, S5000, go-karts Eastern Creek NSW 2766 Asphalt
Hidden Valley Raceway 2.9 km (motorway), 1 km (drag racing track), 400 m (speedway) V8 supercar racing, motorcycle racing, motocross, go-karts, mud racing Hidden Valley, NT 0822 Asphalt/sand/mud
Mallala Motorsport Park 2.6 km (motorway) Motor racing, go-karts, drift, open-track racing Aerodrome Rd, Mallala SA Bitumen
Mt. Panorama Circuit 6.2 km (motorway) V8 supercar racing, motocross Pit Straight, Mount Panorama NSW 2795 Asphalt
Wanneroo Raceway 2.4 km (motorway) V8 supercar racing, sports car racing, drift, go-karts, motocross 440 Wattle Ave E, Neerabup WA 6031 Asphalt/sand/dirt
The Bend Motorsport Park 7.7 km(GT circuit), 4.9 km (International circuit) V8 supercar racing, motor racing, drag, drift, go-karts 543 Dukes Hwy, Tailem Bend SA 5260 Bitumen
Morgan Park Raceway 2.9 km five configurations Club racing, car racing, motor racing 228 Old Stanthorpe Rd, Morgan Park QLD 4370 Bitumen
The Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit 4.4 km MotoGP, car racing, go-karts Phillip Island Asphalt

If you are after a more exotic type of sport, such as swimming, golf, or Australian ice hockey, for example, you can easily combine it with motor racing sports. The country is home to some of the world’s best circuits.

This means that the top Australian motor race tracks are part of giant sports complexes that combine many other sports, and not only motorsports. You will notice that many of the featured venues and facilities are in parks.

Details of the Top 10 Race Tracks in Australia

The country has many other great circuits for many different genres of motorsport events, but by many factors, these are the best. So, without further ado, here is a list of the top 10 Australian race tracks.

Albert Park Circuit

The unique thing about the racetracks in this country is the F1 Australian GP. It takes place on Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, also known as Albert Park Circuit. It’s one of the most challenging tracks in the F1 calendar.

With a total race distance of a little over 300 kilometres, F1 drivers have to go through numerous sharp turns and long stretches, as well as green scenery and lakeside areas. Albert Park also hosts numerous supercar racing events.

Sandown Park

View at Sandown Raceway in Australia

This iconic motor racing circuit is located right next to Melbourne and is one of the largest motorsports complexes in the country. You can find a motor race track, a historic horse racecourse, and a greyhound racing track.

However, the V8 Supercar racing events are the most popular of all the races that take place in the park. Although the MRC pushed to reorganise Sandown Park, it still hosts some of the best events for motorsports in Australia.

Sydney Motorsport Park

The next iconic circuit in this guide of the best race tracks in Australia is located in Sydney. It comes down to Sydney Motorsport Park, which is one of the largest motorsport facilities all over the country.

The motorway at Sydney Motorsport Park offers four different circuit configurations with different lengths, difficulty, and combinations of turns. It makes it perfect for V8 supercar racing, S5000, TCR racing, and others.

Moreover, the park features a drift school with drift circuits, as well as the famous Sydney Dragway and one of the best go-karts courses in Australia. There is even an iJETPACK Aeronautics testing facility located within the premises.

Hidden Valley Park

This motorsport complex is among the biggest ones along the northern coast of Australia. It has one of the longest drag racing tracks in the country. There is also an oval dirt track speedway and different tracks for motocross.

The main raceway of Hidden Valley Park is where one of the most interesting rounds of the International V8 Supercars Championship takes place. It also transforms into one of the top Moto GP race tracks in Australia.

Mallala Motorsport Park

Mallala Motorsport Track in Australia and Starting Line

Mallala Motorsport Park offers one of the most remote and secluded Australian race tracks, as it’s located quite far from any major city. It’s like an oasis in the desert, while the raceways transform it into a true motorsport oasis.

It offers non-competitive open-track racing, where you can experience the thrill of the circuit by driving your car. The best thing is that it has a lot of long speed straights, which is perfect for fans of high-speed racing.

Mt. Panorama Motor Racing Circuit

Another one of the legendary Australian racetracks, Mt. Panorama Circuit, hosts the famous Bathurst 1000 and the Bathurst 12 Hour events. It is located about an hour’s drive from Downtown Sydney.

The length of the raceway is 6.2 km, which is quite a lot. It combines several long street circuits and features very long straights. It also hosts a wide variety of motorsports events, ranging from motorcycle racing to supercar racing.

Wanneroo Raceway

Carco Wanneroo Raceway is located just north of Perth and is one of the best racetracks in Australia. Without a doubt, it’s one of the largest motorsport complexes on the West Coast, featuring V8 supercar racing, Perth SuperSprint, and others.

Although it has a very short raceway (only 2.4 km), Wanneroo Raceway is a huge motorsport centre with a wide variety of sports and facilities. For example, it is good for motocross, go-karts, and drift racing as well.

The Bend Motorsport Park

Drift Racing at the Bend Motorsport Park in AU

Thanks to the Bend Motorsport Park, South Australia is home to the world’s second-largest track. It features a 7.7 km long GT circuit, as well as a 4.9 km international circuit.

It is so huge that it combines almost every motorsport you can think of. From supercar racing to drifting and drag races – there is a perfect fit for everyone’s preferences.

The Bend Motorsport Park offers circuits of very high quality, licensed by FIA for car racing and by FIM for motorcycle racing. That’s why it is home to some of the top motorsports in Australia.

Morgan Park Raceway

This is also one of the largest Australian motor race tracks, and it features five configurations. It is located within the woodlands just south of Warwick. Nowadays, it is popular for hosting the Australian Superbike and Superkart championships.

It is also a great holiday destination, as it is quite remote from the big bustling city. Around the complex, you can also find horse and Polo courses, as well as dirt bike tracks and other motorsport facilities.

The Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

It is not a full list of the best race tracks in Australia, as many other great circuits deserve to be mentioned here. However, The Philips Island Grand Prix Circuit is one of the most exotic ones.

This is among the top Moto GP race tracks in AU, if not the best. It hosts the major events from the MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 seasons, while its location overlooking the ocean makes it a preferred leisure destination.

Recommended Australian Motor Racing Calendar

There is no doubt that this year brings a thrilling array of events on the top race tracks in Australia, but sometimes, it can be difficult to organise your motorsport calendar.

That’s why we have provided you with a recommendation of racing events to put on your Australian motor racing calendar. They include only events that take place on the top 10 race tracks in Australia featured in this blog post.

🏎️ Racing Events 🗺️ Dates & Venues
Gilligan Rules the Rookery January 28/29 – Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit
SCCSA Launch, incl. SA Time Attack February 18 – Mallala Motorsport Park
WA Motorkhana Championship February 26 – Carco Wanneroo Raceway
South Australian Motorsport Series Round 1 March 03 – The Bend Motorsport Park
MRA Production Car Series, Round 1 March 10/11 – Sydney Motorsport Park – GP Circuit
F1 Australian GP April 02 – Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit (Albert Park)
SA Prototypes Races May 19 – The Bend International Circuit
Superkart Races and TTM Regularity June 04 – Mallala Motorsport Park
VSCRC, Round 4 August 11 – Sandown International Raceway
Qld Circuit Racing Championship, Round 4 September 08 – Morgan Park Raceway
Repco Bathurst 1000 October 05 – Mt. Panorama Circuit
NSW Historic Touring Car Championship November 24/26 – Sydney Motorsport Park

Of course, many other great events take place on other Australian race tracks. So, the full State Event Calendar might be considered as well. It features all the different motorsports and race tracks in Australia.

What Motor Race Tracks to Visit?

If you’re an avid racing enthusiast who is looking for a gift, you can purchase a V8 hot lap. However, not every racetrack offers such an option. Here are other factors to be considered when you wonder which circuit to attend.

  1. Distance to a race track.
  2. Schedule of upcoming racing events.
  3. Reputation/type of race.
  4. Personal racing preferences.
  5. Availability/price of tickets.
  6. Way of travelling to the racing venue.
  7. Length of your stay and length of the raving event.
  8. Who will you travel with?
  9. Weather forecast and track conditions.
  10. Nearby places to visit.

If you are uncertain about which Australian racetracks to include in your calendar, please consider the factors mentioned above. Sometimes, even visiting a single race, such as the Australian GP at Melbourne, is enough for an unforgettable motorsport experience.

Interesting Facts About the Top Australian Race Tracks

Now, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about the top racetracks in Australia. It is always nice to know more about motorsports in the country and the circuits associated with them.

  • The top Australian race tracks combine numerous circuits, including go-karts, drift and drag raceways.
  • Many online sportsbooks like the Australian Unibet offer betting on F1 and other motorsports.
  • Aspendale Racecourse is the world’s first purpose-built motor racing track, built by James Robert Crooke in 1905.
  • Formula 1 and V8 Supercar Racing are among the most popular motorsports in Australia.
  • When there are no races, Albert Park transforms into a top recreational destination with picnicking and hiking areas.
  • Australia has race tracks located in heavily urbanised, as well as in remote deserted areas.
  • You can purchase a ticket as a gift voucher for a V8 hot lap or other car racing event.

From one of the oldest motorsport circuits to one of the most modern F1 tracks in the world – the Australian motor race tracks are impressive. Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular sports in Australia.

Racing Tracks in Australia Q&A

This blog post about the best race tracks in Australia is at the end, so here is a short FAQ section not to be missed. It will help you out when choosing what circuit to visit.

1️⃣ Which are the top 10 race tracks in Australia?

There are dozens of great motorsport racing tracks on the continent, as it is one of the most popular sports on it. However, the overview of the top race tracks in Australia includes a short list of the ten best destinations to put high on your motorsport calendar.

2️⃣ What are the most popular Australian race tracks?

The most popular Australian race tracks are, without a doubt, some of the largest motorsport parks on the continent. The most famous motorsport events are held on these circuits as well. Examples include Albert Park, The Bend Motorsport Park, Sydney Motorsport Park, Sandown Park, and more.

3️⃣ How to organise a motor racing trip in Australia?

It might be difficult to organise a racing calendar with events and circuits to visit, as there are many great options. Some of the racetracks in Australia are among the world’s largest ones of their kind. That’s why you can check a recommended AU motorsports calendar in the first place.

4️⃣ What motorsport track to visit in Australia?

There are a few factors to be considered when you want to find what Australian racetracks to visit. For instance, you should take into account the distance to the circuits and how you will travel to your favourite motorsport event. The ticket prices and availability are also very important factors, among others.

5️⃣ Is Albert Park the most famous race track in AU?

Yes, it is safe to say that Albert Park is the most famous motorsport destination, as it is the only F1 race circuit that hosts the GP of Australia. You can learn many other interesting facts about the Australian race tracks, but the track at the Bend Motorsport Park is also very popular.