Hammerhead Worms Are Toxic, Invasive and Even Cannibalistic

As an invasive species, the hammerhead flatworm can wreak havoc on your garden. To kill hammerhead worms, avoid simply cutting them, as they can regenerate into new worms from fragments. Instead, use methods that will ensure the animal is completely destroyed.

One effective approach is to sprinkle salt or citrus oil directly on the worms, which dehydrates and kills them. Another method is to place them in a sealed plastic bag and freeze them for at least 48 hours. Applying vinegar or spraying them with a mixture of soapy water can also work.

Handling flatworms, especially invasive hammerhead worms, requires care. Wear gloves when handling a hammerhead species and always wash your hands thoroughly afterward to avoid skin irritation from prolonged exposure to their slime.

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