Secret Benefits Reviews [2023] – Don’t Join Before Reading this Review

It is widely known that sugar dating is distinct from traditional dating. As a result, a sugar dating website or app should have specific features that cater to the unique characteristics of this type of dating. A regular dating site with the word “sugar daddy” or “sugar baby” added to its homepage won’t be enough.

Frequently, we come across websites that exclude essential information. If you are reading this now, you might question whether Secret Benefits is one of them. Is Secret Benefits authentic? Does it deserve your investment in terms of time, energy, and money? Above all, will it assist you in establishing the romantic relationship you seek?

Today, we will thoroughly examine everything in our Secret Benefits review below. We will leave no stone unturned as we analyze every aspect of the site, providing positive and negative feedback. This will probably be one of the most comprehensive Secret Benefits reviews you will find online. Ultimately, our goal is to equip you with all the necessary information to decide whether to join the site and how to begin “sugar dating” for free.

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A Few Things About the Secret Benefit Website


Individuals looking to become a sugar baby or sugar daddy can sign up for free

The website has a user-friendly layout, ensuring easy navigation for those without prior experience

Members can also request access to secret albums containing private photos

Unlocking conversations only requires a one-time payment

The costs for premium membership are reasonable

What We Liked

Individuals interested in becoming sugar babies and receiving financial assistance from affluent men can use this website.

This website is home to thousands of mature men who desire hassle-free relationships.

Those willing to engage in casual dating, irrespective of their relationship status, are also on this website.

Both men and women who are seeking a mutually beneficial arrangement are the target audience.

What We Didn’t Like

Although the Secret Benefits website is mobile-responsive, no smartphone app is currently available.

Unlike other dating sites, there are limited communication options.

There are no free trials available for the paid features.

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What is Secret Benefits?

Secret Benefits Review

Secret Benefits is a popular online dating website that connects sugar babies with sugar daddies. A sugar daddy is a male willing to spend money on attractive young women for a short-term or potentially long-term relationship. So, if you believe that wealthy men and stunning women make a good match, you may try Secret Benefits today.

Today, the Secret Benefits dating website boasts over one million users who have registered on the site since its establishment on January 2, 2016. The website caters to mature and affluent men seeking attractive women for genuine relationships.

The platform eliminates the stigma associated with sugar-daddy and sugar-baby relationships, allowing for an honest start to the interaction. While material possessions may be involved, there is still potential to find true love on the dating site.

Ultimately, the Secret Benefits dating platform promotes honesty and privacy protection as essential elements of sugar dating. With its various features, Secret Benefits enables users to share their true identity and preferences while safeguarding their personal information from being exposed.

With that in mind, let’s dive deep into whether this Secret Benefits is a legit dating website or a scam.

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Some Pros and Cons of Using Secret


Here are a few pros and cons of using the Secret Benefits website:


You can use the dating site without any charges.

Verification of over 90% of the profiles is complete.

Users can share both personal and private photos.

The dating site is exclusive for serious individuals looking for a partner, avoiding any time wastage.

Many sugar daddies and babies have registered on the site with the assurance of finding a suitable partner.

The website is well-moderated, meaning that all profiles belonging to sex workers, catfishes, and scammers are suspended, leaving no room for any missing information.


The messaging feature is not available on a free account.

There is no smartphone app available right now.

The website runs on a credit system with no weekly, monthly, or yearly plans.

The website has more male members than female members.

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How Secret Benefit Works

SecretBenefits Site

When you use Secret Benefits, there is a large pool of members to connect with, making it effortless to find an ideal match. This website sees numerous registrations daily, setting it apart from other dating sites. Additionally, the site is user-friendly and accessible even to those who are not technically proficient, allowing sugar daddies and babies to begin dating online easily. Overall, Secret Benefits stands out as a distinctive and convenient platform for online dating.

The Secret Benefits website is designed for online dating, specifically catering to sugar daddies and sugar babies looking for compatible partners. Sugar daddies are willing to spend money, while sugar babies are willing to provide companionship. The site offers access to many members and has been used by millions since 2015 for various purposes such as adventure, companionship, and satisfying mutual needs. facilitates a direct and explicit relationship between two individuals who seek mutual benefits from each other. This platform operates with transparency and authenticity, as both parties know each other’s intentions and desires.

Interacting on the dating website is an uncomplicated process. Sugar babies can send unlimited messages, while sugar daddies must purchase credits to send and read messages. The dating site does not impose any limitations on matching before messaging. You have the freedom to browse through different profiles and contact anyone you find interesting without relying on algorithms or playing games.

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Secret Benefits Unique Features

Despite the limited communication options, Secret Benefits receives a gold star from us due to its exceptional features not commonly found in other online dating platforms. Some of the unique features offered by the website include:

Hide My Profile

We stumbled upon a hidden function in the Privacy area of the Profile Settings that is available to all website users at no cost. By selecting “Hide My Profile,” you can hide your profile, which can be reversed at any time.

This feature benefits a sugar daddy in a committed relationship with one sugar baby but wants to avoid being contacted by other potential partners. After all, wealthy and generous men may likely receive overwhelming attention, making this feature a great way to conceal their online presence.

Despite not experiencing any issues with attention, we took this feature for a trial. Although our profile was concealed, we did not receive any messages from new potential partners. However, the women we had previously interacted with on the site could still contact us.

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Our review of Secret Benefits also revealed the Matches feature that is made up of four tabs:

Viewed– if you accidentally closed a sugar baby’s profile, you can locate her again in the Matches section with this tab.

Favorites– The Favorites feature allows users to save the profiles of potential partners that best match their preferences, enabling them to contact them later.

Visitors– The “Visitors” feature on this sugar dating site enables users to identify who has viewed their profile. This functionality is available to both sugar daddies and sugar babies.

Admirers- The “Admirers” tab allows Sugar Babies to express their interest in a Sugar Daddy’s profile, and those profiles will be displayed in this section. Our profile received numerous admirers within the first 24 hours of registration, and new Sugar Daddies are featured in the “Newest” section of SBs.

Secret Albums

On Secret Benefits, sugar babies can upload private pictures to their personal albums. In order to view these albums, a request must be made and approved by the sugar baby.

Once approved, 10 credits must be paid to access the album. We extensively tested this feature, taking advantage of the free request option and assessing the site’s response time. Here is what we discovered:

Younger women consider contacting men first.

Eight out of ten women gave us access without engaging in a conversation.

95% of the profiles we accessed had secret albums.

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Discreet Payment System

One of the reasons why Secret Benefits stands out from other dating sites is its discreet payment system, which ensures that users’ privacy is protected at all times. Unlike other platforms that reveal their name on credit card statements, Secret Benefits allows users to pay for membership without any trace of their activity on the site.

This feature gives users peace of mind, knowing their personal information is confidential. As a result, more and more people are signing up for Secret Benefits, making it one of the fastest-growing dating sites in the industry.

Various Communication Options

Secret Benefits understands that communication is the key to a successful relationship. That’s why their website offers multiple options for connecting you with your desired partner. Whether you prefer messaging or video chatting, Secret Benefits have it all covered.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly, safe, and private. Secret Benefits also takes privacy seriously and ensure that all conversations are encrypted and secure. Here are a few ways you can communicate with other Secret Benefits members:

Requesting access to view private photos
Chat rooms and video chat
Private photos
Direct messaging

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Quality of Profiles on Secret Benefits


Secret Benefits allows members to view all user profiles, even if they have been hidden. Users can also send personal messages to request access to other members’ secret albums and upload videos to their profiles.

The site is open to anyone over 18, but explicit photos are prohibited, and profiles must be detailed. User information can be edited anytime, and all profile pictures can be viewed for free. Moreover, users have the ability to modify their photo albums whenever they please.

The dating site also offers a profile verification feature, which is highly recommended to increase the number of connections made on the site. Verifying your profile establishes you as an authentic member and can generate more interest in your profile.

Lastly, you can view user profiles for free and access the pictures easily. However, most verified profiles, especially girls, will upload their top photos in a private album, and to gain access, you can request the member to unblock them for you.

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Profile Searching Guide

Secret Benefits offers a diverse selection of girls from various nations, ages, and skin tones. However, the website has introduced advanced filtering options to make connecting with them easier. You can initiate a basic search using the search button located at the top left corner. This feature allows you to filter based on new or recently active users and their locations. You can view a person’s profile, message them instantly, or add them to your favorites from this page.

For a more comprehensive search experience, click the “Filters” button. This option provides you with several advanced search filters, including:

  •   Tattoos
  •   Piercings
  •   Drinking
  •   Smoking
  •   Gender
  •   Hair Color
  •   Height
  •   Body Type
  •   Age
  •   Ethnicity
  •   Video/Photos
  •   Distance Slide (five to two hundred miles)

Although the number of filters may seem overwhelming, it is essential for obtaining precise results. Even if your search parameters are highly specified, the tool will make every effort to locate the most suitable sugar baby or sugar daddy for you.

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What About Usability and Design?

The Secret Benefits website has a simple and uncluttered website design. The buttons are contemporary yet user-friendly, and the site’s features are easy to navigate.

The dating site employs common icons and buttons, making it easy for even first-time users to become familiar with it quickly. Messaging other users is a convenient feature of the online dating platform, but it is only available to users who have paid for membership.

The website also has various distinctive features that make it stand out. You can easily find your perfect match with just a few clicks. One such feature is the secret album, where you can upload pictures visible only to selected people. This feature is free of cost for all users.

The website’s blog section covers various dating-related topics and guides users on finding the right partner.

Additionally, you can highlight your profile by verifying it or becoming a paid member. Users can go through the profile verification process to receive priority support from the customer helpdesk.

The dating site is generally user-friendly and offers excellent features that make it easy to find partners online.

Drop Everything and Sign up for a Free Account

The Registration Process

To register on Secret Benefits, all you need is an email address and to provide some basic details such as hair color, ethnicity, physical attributes, and height. The registration process is both effortless and free, with an interface that catches your attention.

After completing the registration, you will be taken to the main site, where you can add additional information such as relationship status, tattoos, piercings, education, etc.

That said, to complete the registration process, you must upload some pictures on your profile. Additionally, there is an option to upload secret photos that selected individuals can only view.

In case you are a sugar baby registering on the site, you must provide a brief introduction photo and video for account verification. You can verify your account by recording a video or taking a selfie with a piece of paper containing your username.

However, the selfie must be taken with an uncovered face and in an outfit similar to the one in another profile picture. Self-verification is easy and straightforward.

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What About the Mobile Application?

Although there is no dedicated Secret Benefits app, users can still access the dating site’s features on their mobile devices through the website. The mobile design is user-friendly and allows for a seamless experience comparable to using the site on a desktop.

The mobile version is completely free and offers all the same functionalities as the desktop version, including the ability to purchase credits and access premium features. Additionally, the site can detect a user’s location via GPS or manually inputted information when using the mobile version.

Ultimately, the mobile version of the Secret Benefits dating platform functions just as seamlessly as the online site accessed through a computer. With superior scaling and mobile optimization, users can easily view all available dating options with ease and clarity.

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Security and Safety

To guarantee a secure dating experience for all its users, Secret Benefits takes measures to provide a safe environment on its platform. The website enables members to connect with other users without any obstacles.

If a member comes across any suspicious activity on the site, they can flag it, and the necessary action will be taken promptly. Complaints against a user are treated with utmost seriousness, and immediate action is taken. Additionally, Secret Benefits users have the option to block any unwanted contacts.

Users can gather and save their own personal data, which is then guarded by the SSL protocol that provides security encryption. Secret Benefits has taken measures to ensure its users’ personal information is kept confidential and secure, and they do not disclose any of it to third parties.

However, to avoid being mistaken for a fake user, it is recommended that you undergo profile verification so that other members can be assured of your authenticity. The verification process includes photo matching, which allows other users to confirm your identity through your profile picture.

At the end of the day, with the advanced safety and security measures employed by the Secret Benefit website, you can use the platform confidently and without any worries.

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There are no hidden costs such as subscriptions, recurring charges, or membership dues when using Secret Benefits. Instead, the website operates on a credit system. You have to purchase a package of credits up front, and when you want to engage with other users, you can use some of those credits to redeem the interaction.

The credits on offer are available in three bundle sizes, with the price per credit decreasing with the increase in the bundle size. The cost of a single credit ranges between $0.59 to $0.29.

However, a one-time usage of 10 credits is required to unlock a conversation. Similarly, to view a secret or private photo album of a user who has granted you access, a one-time usage of 10 credits is required. Opting for the largest bundle will enable you to permanently unlock a conversation with someone you are interested in at just under $3.

Paid Membership

The Secret Benefits website allows any sugar daddy to sign up for free using the standard membership, but they must buy credits to access the advanced features. The cost of the subscription for Secret Benefits is something that needs to be considered.

  •       Best Value Package- 1000 credits for $289
  •       Elite Package- 500 credits for $169
  •       Introductory Package- 100 credits for $59

Here are a few extra features that come with a paid membership on Secret Benefits, along with free features!

Hide My Profile-If you don’t want new members to see your profile, you can use the Hide My Profile feature, which prevents your profile from appearing in search results that connect profiles to users.

Watch Secret Albums– This feature enables sugar daddies to access and view secret photo albums of sugar babies without any hidden information.

Highlight Your Profile- To attract more appealing individuals to view your profile, it is suggested that you verify your account and position your page at the top of the feed. This can be done by highlighting your profile, a feature only available with a paid Secret Benefits membership.

Exchange Private Videos and Pictures- With a paid membership (credits), you have the option to share personal photos and videos with your sugar baby privately, which can help you build a closer relationship. This feature ensures that no information is left out when exchanging private media.

Messaging Services- Messaging is an easy virtual way to communicate without any limit (until their credits run out) with other Secret Benefits users. However, this option is only available if your purchase credits.

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Free Membership

If you choose to use the free membership options on this sugar baby website, you can only utilize the features listed below:

Register– By signing up with Secret Benefits for free and providing your personal information; you can create a sugar daddy account in under ten minutes.

Customer Support– Providing all necessary information on your free account will help the support staff handle your support requests efficiently.

Blog- The blog section on the Secret Benefits website provides useful information contributed by their own staff and other members, enriching your experience and making your time on the site more engaging.

Become an Admirer- One way to interact on the sugar dating website is by showing admiration. With a free account, sugar babies have the option to like a sugar daddy’s profile, and the profiles of those who have liked theirs will be displayed in a specific section.

Favorites– With the “Favorites” feature, you can save the profiles of younger women for future contact.

Visitors- Thanks to this feature, visitors to our profile can view information about who has clicked on it. The visitor statistics of the Secret Benefits dating platform are accessible by sugar daddies and sugar babies.

Partner Search- The partner search feature provides users multiple filters through the swatch feature, making connecting with a sugar baby easier.

View Profiles- Once you create a free Secret Benefits account, you can immediately look at sugar baby profiles in your local area without delay or obstruction.

Although there are several free features on this sugar dating platform, they aren’t enough for initiating a sugar daddy or sugar baby relationship. The most important feature, communication, is not included in the features available for free and is only provided as a premium feature.

Overall, we had the luxury of being picky about the sugar babies we contacted on the Secret Benefits dating website, as there is no requirement to pay a monthly fee. Moreover, the credits bought by members have a slow depletion rate, meaning that even the Introductory Package can last for a couple of weeks.

In reality, most sugar daddy websites charge a higher fee than other typical dating websites. Nonetheless, the Secret Benefits website offers paid online dating services that are reasonably priced for sugar babies and allow them to communicate for as long as they require.

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Our Experience with Secret Benefits


In order to verify the authenticity of the profiles on Secret Benefits and test key features, we selected three distinct sugar babies. While we will not reveal their actual names due to confidentiality concerns, we are keen to detail our first-hand encounter with the sugar lifestyle.

A Pretty Sugar Baby from Chicago

During our experience with Secret Benefits, we encountered a young woman who was attractive and straightforward about what she was looking for. As we conversed through the live chat feature, it became clear that she desired a sugar daddy to provide financial support and mentorship for her career aspirations as a model.

Despite seeming experienced in sugaring, she had only been with one sugar daddy she met on the same platform a year prior. As we exchanged messages and photos, we noted that the service only retained data for 48 hours, although we advised caution in sharing personal information on a sugar dating site.

Tattooed Blonde Who Wanted to Travel the Oceans

Following our encounter with the sugar baby from Chicago, we perused other individuals’ profiles on the search platform. However, we opted to experiment with alternative methods of connecting with SBs. On the second day of our evaluation, we were inundated with likes and messages from other site members and were intrigued to learn which women we had caught the attention of. While browsing, we were captivated by a tattooed sugar baby with distinctive features and lengthy blonde tresses.

Apparently, we have a preference for blondes. We requested access to her private album to trial the service and were pleasantly surprised to receive swift approval. This sugar baby was seeking companionship for casual dinners, hanging out, and a travel partner. She clarified in her profile that she was not interested in pursuing relationships with sugar daddies who were already married.

This was noteworthy as many other sugar babies do not seem to mind the age or marital status of their sugar daddies. While the communication with the blonde sugar baby was pleasant and informative, no personal connection was established, and the exchange of messages ended after two days.

Artistic Sugar Baby with Dark Skin

On our last try, we searched for sugar babies using the distance filter and found someone within 10 miles. Our first conversation was with a woman who had a unique appearance and expressed her desire to explore other countries with a man. We were attracted to her profile and quickly received a response to our message.

Our chat was enjoyable as we discovered her interests in nature, music, and having fun. Despite her age, our conversation was mature and engaging, and we continued to communicate on the website for a few days.

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Alternatives to Secret Benefits

If the features and benefits of Secret Benefits don’t excite you, our experts suggest three niche dating sites that cater to specific groups of people seeking particular types of connections.

These alternative websites are recommended if you don’t find the perks and features on Secret Benefits suitable for your preferences. This way, you won’t waste time searching for the right match.


undefined-Apr-25-2023-02-39-24-7500-PM is a highly renowned and widely used online platform for “Sugar” dating, which involves older wealthy men and younger attractive women. It is crucial to ensure the safety of the users while maintaining the excitement and thrill of such dating experiences, and has successfully achieved this balance.

This site balances the financial aspect of sugar dating and the fun and romance that should be present in a sugar relationship. Unlike some other sugar dating sites, which can feel too transactional, provides an atmosphere allowing users to enjoy themselves while addressing the key components of a traditional sugar relationship.

The website also has a large number of wealthy men and good-looking women who appear to be sincere and committed to finding a partner for dating or a relationship. Typically, websites of this nature have a poor track record of ensuring security and eliminating false or deceptive accounts, resulting in an unpleasant user experience. We cannot guarantee the credibility of the accounts with complete certainty, but our extensive experience in the industry suggests that the majority are genuine.


undefined-Apr-25-2023-02-39-24-6041-PM, established in 2001, has rapidly become one of the most prominent sugar daddy dating platforms, boasting over 170 million verified members. Unlike other sugar daddy websites, SugarDaddyMeet caters exclusively to the wealthiest 20 countries, such as Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The site’s slogan is “Sugar Makes Life Sweeter,” It claims that its membership comprises approximately 25% sugar daddies and 75% sugar babies, including college students, fitness models, financiers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, lawyers, and doctors.

The dating website SugarDaddyMeet has also released a mobile app called SDM for Android and iOS devices, allowing users to access the platform anywhere. The site has gained popularity for its success in connecting thousands of sugar daddies and sugar babies in mutually beneficial relationships.

Moreover, signing up for Sugar Daddy Meet is completely free, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a local sugar baby or a genuine sugar daddy through online dating.



To put it bluntly, if you’re not interested in a Sugar Dating relationship, Luxury Date may not be your ideal dating platform. However, you might be in luck if you’re seeking to meet older, affluent men or younger, attractive women.

Luxury Date provides a luxurious space where men can showcase their wealth and power to catch the attention of younger women. The platform is free for women to join and use, ensuring the gender balance remains fair. Unlike other sugar dating sites, Luxury Date doesn’t face the issue of having too many men and not enough women.

While user verification options are available, there’s a need for more ways to verify user income. Overall, if you’re looking for a top-notch sugar dating website that offers a variety of features, Luxury Date is worth your consideration.

Secret Benefits Review – FAQs

Are dating websites like Secret Benefits Secure?

Sugar dating sites are generally safe but typically attract more romance scammers than mainstream dating platforms. Sugar babies risk encountering fraudulent sugar daddies or mommies who are unwilling to pay or may try to scam them out of money.

The most common issue for sugar babies is encountering individuals who waste their time and have fake profiles or are not as wealthy as they claim to be. Secret Benefits, a reputable sugar daddy site, takes measures to prevent fake accounts, scammers, and fraudulent sugar daddies from accessing their platform. One of their main methods is requiring men to pay for messaging access.

Is Secret Benefits only for sexual relationships?

It’s important to note that not all users are looking for sexual relationships on the platform. Some may be interested in finding companionship or mentors. Ultimately, when creating a profile, being transparent about the type of relationship you’re seeking is crucial.

Does Secret Benefits work?

Secret Benefits boasts a large number of members and has successfully facilitated many partnerships. They guarantee quality service and assure users they will find what they want. This site ultimately prides itself on being the only one that is completely genuine!

Wrapping Up

Secret Benefits is a dating site that offers many advantages to both sugar babies and sugar daddies. From easy registration to the messaging system, this platform allows users to seek romance based on their preferences.

Sugar babies are transparent in their desire to find wealthy sugar daddies who can lavish them with attention, while sugar daddies are upfront about wanting a relationship on their terms.

The user-friendly Secret Benefits site enables users to find attractive partners for short- and long-term relationships, with customer service readily available. At the end of the day, this dating is the best choice for you if you are looking to meet sugar babies and sugar daddies for no-strings-attached relationships!