IdentityIQ $1 Free Trial – Get ID Theft Protection Service for Free

How long does it take hackers to steal your personal information? According to the Federal Trade Commission, they can do it in under 10 minutes. What IdentityIQ does is provide powerful identity theft protection that makes it harder for criminals to steal your data and assume your identity. 

IDIQ is designed by people who want to protect you from thieves who would use your personal details to impersonate you online, access your accounts, and spend your money. The IdentityIQ team monitors your identity in a number of ways, looking out for signs that someone is trying to harm you or steal from you.   

They put a lot of effort into keeping your finances, Social Security info, and credit score secure. IDIQ offers new customers a 7-day IdentityIQ free trial session that you can test out before committing to the program. You just need to pay $1 to get started. 

You will be able to enjoy all the features of this security service during the IdentityIQ $1 free trial, like credit score assessments, monitoring over the dark web, information tracking, and more. The free offer includes a robust antivirus program as well. 

We have looked at numerous IdentityIQ reviews for your benefit, trying to determine if this service is legitimate and worthwhile. Here is our assessment.

Is Identity Theft Prevention Really Necessary? 

The modern world is very dependent on technology, and as beneficial as the tech all around us can be, it can make us very vulnerable as well. Because much of our information is in the online space, there is the ever-present danger of cyberattacks, hacking, malware, and more. 

What data thieves usually want is to access your bank details, your personal identifying information, and your overall identity. They may want to pretend to be you so that they can use your ID to commit crimes or simply to use your financial assets for personal gain. The more of your details that are out there on the internet, the more vulnerable you are and the more damage can be done to you if someone gets access to this data.

This Is Why Your identity Is at Risk

Have you wondered what would make someone want to steal your identity? Here’s why:

1. They want to gain entry to your personal accounts, like social media, banking, and company accounts.
2. Hackers want to pretend to be you so they can get new credit cards, which will impact your credit score.
3. They want to use your name and other details so that they can make bookings at places where they intend to commit criminal acts.
4. They desire to spend your money without your permission.
5. They intend to make use of your billing address for investments, purchases, or real estate deals.
6. They want to copy your banking cards so that they can spend your money.
7. They would like to make a fake version of your ID for their personal activities. If they get in trouble, it may blow back on you.

In addition, scam artists and hackers will try to use your ID to scam others, through catfishing, phishing, theft, and other means. This can get you in big trouble and may end with you being interrogated by the police. Clearing your name can take months, in many cases, and you may never regain the lost money or the reputation you once had.  

What IdentityIQ does is protect you from all of that, as it monitors your credit information and creates preventive measures to keep you safe.

This Is How IDIQ Works

IdentityIQ hit the market back in 2009 and started off as an American-based security service that uses state-of-the-art technology to safeguard Americans.

The company is made up of software engineers, security experts and IT developers who are experienced and knowledgeable about online security and the prevention and detection of cybercriminal activities. They work with major credit score agencies to monitor your personal information and make sure it stays safe. Their technology is so advanced that they are able to detect what other security services would miss.

The powerful IdentityIQ services include:

1. Monitoring your credit continuously
2. Full protection for your identity
3. Insurance coverage up to $1 million
4. Family security plan
5. Multiple detailed credit reports
6. Effective antivirus program
7. Monitoring across the internet, including the dark web 


IDIQ does an excellent job of protecting you and your family by keeping a constant eye out for cyber threats.

IDIQ’s Cybersecurity Services- An In-Depth Look

How do you sign up for IdentityIQ? Here is a step-by-step breakdown.

Step 1: Sign up for IdentityIQ

In order to access the IDIQ tools, you will need to set up an account.

Start by signing up for a membership plan with the company, which begins by answering some questions. This step takes very little time. 

The IdentityIQ login process keeps your account secure and uses encryption and passwords to keep out unwanted individuals.    

Step 2: Monitoring Starts

When your membership starts, you will immediately benefit from online tracking services and credit score monitoring, among other services. IDIQ will send regular credit reports and notify you of any irregularities. 

Step 3: Alerts for any Problems

Many hackers and identity thieves will steal hundreds or thousands of dollars from you before you know it is happening, but IDIQ will protect you by letting you know of any suspicious activity. They will use smart credit tracking technology to keep an eye on your assets, accounts, and personal details. If someone is trying to access them or use them without your permission, IDIQ will notify you right away. With that quick preventive measure, you could avoid losing thousands of dollars. 

Step 4: Powerful Security Services

There are multiple levels of protection provided with the IdentityIQ service. This includes the Bitdefender antivirus program and powerful privacy tools. These work together to keep you safe online and protect you from malware, and viruses while making you less visible to hackers.  

Your protection includes:

1. Anti-tracking software to make you more invisible to hackers
2. Safe pay to encrypt and safeguard online purchases
3. Monitoring for the dark web and regular internet activity
4. Online privacy protection and IP address masking with Bitdefender Premium VPN
5. Monitoring for your microphone to prevent listening in
6. Powerful parental control options
7. Antivirus protection program to prevent and defeat bugs, viruses, and malware
8. Password protection 

These are powerful tools that safeguard you and your family online so that cyberattacks cannot get through. You will receive unprecedented protection from scammers, hackers, and identity thieves, and the program is compatible with operating systems ranging from MacOS and iOS to Windows and Android.

Step 5: Protect Your Finances Thanks to IdentityIQ

Even if you are careful, you might not be able to protect your personal details from being accessed by criminals. You may not know when your personal data is being stolen or you might not know how to guard against this kind of theft. IdentityIQ membership gives you protection and financial security that can help you to feel safe. 

The company provides you with as much as $1 million in insurance protection for identity-related theft. This helps to cover the cost of lost wages, legal representations, and monetary reimbursement. 

You get that insurance coverage along with the best online and identity theft protection available. It is no wonder that many IdentityIQ reviews point out that this company puts the security of their customers as its top priority. With these protections, you will be able to go after criminals without losing your monetary assets.

The Pros and Cons of IDIQ

IdentityIQ has scored highly in rankings from numerous publications, including ranking in the top three choices in a list of Best Identity Theft Protection Services for 2021 from US News. If you go beyond the IdentityIQ free trial and give this service a shot, what kinds of advantages and disadvantages would you have to deal with?

Here Are the Pros

Let’s look at the numerous advantages to using this service, many of which are available even with the lower tier, economically-priced plan. 

IDIQ benefits include:

  •       Great customer service support from the IDIQ team
  •       Insurance coverage extending up to $1 million for identity theft
  •       $25,000 in insurance protection for your family through Secure Max
  •       Social Security tracking
  •       Checking account monitoring in real time
  •       Legal representations coverage for data breaches
  •       Surveillance on the dark web
  •       Lost wallet tracking, with help to find lost cards and IDs
  •       Block unknown and anonymous callers
  •       Email spam protection
  •       Notification for any file or media transfers with your name on them
  •       Affordable plans for budget-minded customers
  •       Exceptional value in security and identity theft protection services

Additional Benefits

There are extra perks available to those who want to opt for the upgraded service plans. These give you more access to great security services and keep your accounts and personal information even safer.

These include:

  •       Three credit reports sent to you each year
  •       Tracking for any changes in your credit score
  •       Criminal reports for your name
  •       Billing address change notifications
  •       Fraud recovery services
  •       Score simulation program that estimates your future credit score and assesses your current score

In addition, those who sign up for the premium plan will have limited power of attorney to work with in cases of credit card fraud. They will be able to leverage this against criminals who have defrauded them.

The package that IdentityIQ offers is an extensive one, covering all aspects of internet security and identity theft for you so that you do not have to worry. They analyze your credit score as well to protect you from all sides. 

Here Are the Cons

There might be some ways that IdentityIQ could improve, and we want to be honest with you about its shortcomings as well as its benefits. Going through some of the IdentityIQ reviews, we found these cons to discuss:

  •       There is no mobile app for you to use to keep track of notifications in real time
  •       Social media channels are left out of the online tracking and monitoring services
  •       There is no 24-hour customer support available

Some of these cons may be inconvenient for the average customer, but we think most people will consider them minor. The security program has few flaws, and most of these issues will be inconsequential to the average consumer, we suspect.

Since there isn’t any social media monitoring with this program, you may want to be extra careful on those apps and websites, staying vigilant of scammers and malware attacks. Be careful about who you let into your contacts on those platforms, since this program won’t do much for you there.

The lack of round-the-clock customer support may be problematic, but there is great customer service most of the time. You can always have your issue handled the next day, lodging your complaint or query outside of operating hours. This is a minor issue that won’t be a dealbreaker for too many people, especially compared to all the benefits of IdentityIQ.

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The Cost of IdentityIQ Plans 

The IdentityIQ plans range from $8.99-$32.99 each month. The plan you choose will determine its cost and features. There are four plans to choose from, each with its own benefits, so you can choose one based on your needs and your budget.

If you aren’t entirely sold on IDIQ yet, you can always give the free offer a try. The IdentityIQ free trial is packed with all the features of the full plan, and you get to test them out without committing to anything yet. You can give some of the services a pain to see how it all works and if the program might be to your liking.

Once you see how effective the security protection is with this program, you will probably want the full plan. You can choose from one of four available options.

1. Secure Plan- at $8.99 a month

If you choose the Secure Plan, you pay $107.88 a year, and just $8.99 a month. This one has lots of great features like credit score monitoring and online protection, and it is pretty full featured for such a low-cost plan. 

This plan includes:

  •   A single credit report sent to you each day
  •   ID theft protection
  •   Monitoring across the dark web and the internet
  •   Notifications for any Social security activity
  •   File sharing alerts
  •   ID theft legal support, as well as for other fraud incidents
  •   Lost wallet help
  •   Opting out for spam mail and callers
  •   Insurance coverage good for as much as $1 million for stolen fund recovery
  •   Checking account monitoring
  •   ID recovery services

You will also receive the powerful Bitdefender antivirus program, which includes a VPN service to protect your privacy online and makes your IP address hard to track down. You get plenty of protection to keep you separate from hackers and malware.  

This plan gives you incredible security and protection without having to spend a lot of money.

2. Secure Plus Plan- at $11.99 a month 

If you are willing to pay $143.88 each year, you will receive the Secure Plus Plan, which gives you even better protection and minimizes your fraud risk. This plan will ensure you get reports from all three credit score bureaus, helping you stay in control and see problems before they escalate.

This same plan will give you everything you would receive in the basic plan as well, which includes the powerful Bitdefender antivirus software for your online protection. This keeps you safe while surfing the web and downloading content. It also helps you to keep a low profile so that your activity cannot be tracked as easily. 

Additional Services:

  •       Alerts for any changes of address made in your name
  •       Credit reports issued for three credit bureaus

For a competitive rate of less than $150 a year, you can enjoy a wide range of exceptional protections that give you peace of mind.

3. Secure Pro Plan at $21.99 a month

If you want to know when someone is trying to steal your identity, then you need the very best identity theft protection. That’s exactly what you get with the Secure Pro Plan from IdentityIQ. It makes it much easier to recognize when your bank account information is being accessed without your permission or when someone is trying to use your ID secretly. 

With Secure Pro, you will have a way to monitor for criminal activity and actions that could negatively affect your credit score. 

Additional Services: 

  •       Annual credit reports from the different bureaus
  •       Bi-annual credit assessment and improved credit monitoring
  •       Criminal activity and police report alerts for your name
  •       Credit change alerts in real time 

The Pro Plan offers an extra level of protection that many consumers find appealing.

4. Secure Max Plan at $32.99 a month

You can use the Secure Max plan to enroll the entire family. It gives you greater online security and improved credit score monitoring. You also receive more help with restoring assets following ID theft. 

Additional Services: 

  •       Increased fraud protection via limited power of attorney
  •       Credit score reporting each month from three major credit bureaus
  •       ID theft protection as high as $25,000
  •       Powerful credit score monitoring

You get even better security with the Secure Max plan, as it boosts your hacking protection and auditing features for the best plan on offer. 

Should You Buy IdentityIQ ? 

The IDIQ program is a complete identity protection plan that will give you your money’s worth no matter which of the plans you choose. The pricing is designed to be competitive but not so cheap that corners need to be cut and essential services cut off. Some of the most powerful protections, like Bitdefender antivirus and the $1 million insurance protection, are included in even the basic plan.  

What this shows is that IdentityIQ is designed to take care of the customers. You can check out the IdentityIQ $1 free trial if you want to give it a spin and see if you think it is worth it. 

The extensive customer care that the IdentityIQ reviews talk about is available for the lower-priced plans as well, giving consumers expert technical advice for any issues that may arise. The support team can help you upgrade your plan at any time and answer any queries you might have. 

The product’s creators even have a refund policy in place, and you can learn more about that down in our FAQ section.

=>  Sign up for the limited IdentityIQ $1 trial today!

Is IdentityIQ the Best Option?

IdentityIQ isn’t the only service to offer credit score reports and identity monitoring features like these. How does it measure up to the other choices?

1. LifeLock

One of the more famous competitors is LifeLock, which is similar to IDIQ. The pricing is pretty close, as they both offer competitive rates on their plans. Where LifeLock

excels is that it provides ID theft protection and credit monitoring services like IDIQ. It improves upon what IdentityIQ offers in the area of its money-back guarantee and its investment monitoring. LifeLock’s designers will give you a full refund if you aren’t happy with their product, and that’s a pretty great promise. They also track your stocks, bonds, and various other assets that are not tracked by IDIQ. This can help you stay on top of any suspicious investment activity happening with your assets or in your name.


Where IdentityIQ excels is with its credit score tracking, reports and assessments. They also provide customers with family coverage that goes beyond what the competition offers. IDIQ also boasts a better customer service team with great ratings. 

That free trial that IdentityIQ offers is pretty sweet too. If you want to try before you buy, you can do just that.

2. Identity Guard

We also want to look at Identity Guard and how they compare to IdentityIQ. This service has a decent social media monitoring service that can come in handy for those who have social media accounts. Remember that IDIQ doesn’t offer anything like that. The pricing for the two plans is very close, but what you get with the basic plan differs considerably from that of IDIQ. The basic Identity Guard subscription will not provide insurance support, credit tracking, and family plans on the level of IDIQ or even the IdentityIQ free trial. It’s a good option for anyone who uses social media and who is worried about security threats there, but for everyone else, IDIQ seems to be the better choice.

3. Identity Force

Identity Force also provides social media monitoring, and IDIQ does not. It gives you family protection for anyone in your household under 18, like IDIQ does. These two plans are a bit different from one another where ID recovery and coverage for deceased family member ID theft are concerned. These are not services that IDIQ offers at the same level or at all. 

Identity Force has no credit checking simulator or automated credit checker, and it falls short in making sure your credit score stays secure. It is a bit costlier than IDIQ as well. 

When looking at the competition, IdentityIQ stands out for its features, pricing, customer service, and value, which is why it is our recommended identity security service.

IdentityIQ FAQ 

We want to cover any remaining questions you might have with our Frequently Asked Questions section.

What can IdentityIQ do if someone steals your laptop?

With one of the plans from IdentityIQ, you will be covered for up to $1 million in insurance for identity theft. The IDIQ team will work hard to get your identity recovered and to fix everything as much as possible. The coverage can help with legal fees for you and provide the support you need as you try to recover what has been stolen from you. 

The company will be working for you even when everything seems to go wrong.

How is my credit history accessed by IdentityIQ?

The company will use FICO-approved services to monitor your flow of funds and assess the data they receive. This process uses data from sources like Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian to produce an in-depth report. 

With this assessment, your credit history will be meticulously checked, and then you will be given a list of reasons for why the numbers are where they are. This helps you find any problems and inconsistencies early on, before major problems start to develop. Your credit report and assessment can help spot abnormalities quickly so that swift action can be taken against anyone who is trying to steal your ID or access your funds without your permission.

How do I get in touch with the customer service team?

You can reach the customer service hotline at 1-877-875-4347 if you need help with anything. They can answer your questions and handle any issues you might be having. You can also reach them at any time on their social media pages through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. They can help you whether you are signed up for the service or not, though you won’t get through to the hotline outside of business hours. The social media platforms offer a way to see what offers are available and learn about any service updates as well. 

Is their customer service hotline available 24/7? 

The customer service team will only answer the hotline phone from 7-7 on weekdays and then from 8:30 am until 5 pm on Saturday. They are not available on Sundays and national holidays. For those times when you need to reach them outside of these business hours, you can do so on their social media pages, leaving a message or using the live chat feature on the website, through your IDIQ log in. They will respond to you as soon as possible. 

That same dashboard will let you check for any messages you might have been left, learn about updates, and see notifications about your ID security.

Is it possible to upgrade an existing Identity IQ plan?

As we mentioned earlier in this article, there are a few IdentityIQ plans to choose from with different pricing and features. You can use the IdentityIQ $1 free trial to test out the basic plan and its features and then upgrade to a more robust plan later on., if you like. You can upgrade at any time, and moving from one plan to another is simple and painless.

Can you cancel your IDIQ plan?

If you would like to cancel your IdentityIQ plan, you can do so by contacting the customer service team. You won’t be charged a fee for this, and the subscription can be canceled immediately. You will need to pay the full amount for the current month, though, and no refund will be issued. To avoid paying any extra, you can always cancel before the start of the next billing cycle.

Is Identity IQ Worth a Purchase?

Ultimately, we have to recommend Identity IQ to anyone who is interested in a credit monitoring service that will protect their identity. The service does a great job of keeping you and your family safe, letting you know about any suspicious activity, and giving you peace of mind about your finances and your personal information. The product offers extensive services and features to help you out and the support of a dedicated, friendly IdentityIQ customer service team.

These are the benefits that make IdentityIQ the best way to defend against fraud, ID theft, and cybercrime.