5 Best Bubblers In 2023 To Experience A Smother Smoke

Bubblers serve as essential smoking companions, enhancing your smoking experience with smoothness and flavor. The market offers a diverse array of bubblers, from classic glass models to contemporary silicone designs. 


In this article, we’ll delve into the various types of bubblers, their unique features, and highlight the top options for 2023. We chose these bubbler brands from over 20+ brands that offer bubblers.


Whether you’re a novice seeking a beginner’s bubbler or a seasoned smoker considering an upgrade, this article equips you with the knowledge to make an informed choice. So, let’s explore the qualities that define an excellent bubbler and discover the finest bubblers currently available!

The 5 Bubblers You Can Try

We made sure to research each product closely and came up with this list. The first one is our winner and the list follows.

GRAV Wave Bubbler

Best Bubbler For Great Smoking, Editor’s Choice

Boo Glass Upright Bubbler

Leading Bubbler With Unique Glass Design

GRAV 3” Bubbler/Mini Hammer Bubbler

Most Demanding Hammer Bubbler

Best Bubbler For Great Smoking, Editor’s Choice

Not only do you have sweet dreams after a session, but this bubbler also allows you to start dreaming before even smoking. Its design is ultimate and side by side the best for beginners.

Its curve shape makes it easy to smoke as the lighter is not coming straight to your face. The solid base is good for you to place it on the table, and if you want, it provides an easy grip for you to hold it during sessions.

The curved edge allows the splashes to avoid reaching the mouthpiece. As for the extra accessories, the GRAV Wave Bubbler comes with a female cup bowl of 14 mm. But if you want, you can attach a male joint with it too. However, you will need to buy it on your own.


The following factors will give you details on the quality of the GRAV Wave Bubbler.

Reviews are the key points of every product. And in the case of the GRAV Wave Bubbler, the reviews are all positive. While in the case of other products, the reviews are also negative, this bubbler outran every bubbler on our list with its all positive reviews.

Many people recommend adding isopropyl alcohol to this bubbler. According to them, the experience you get increases by two times. What is the reason you buy a bubbler? For satisfaction, this bubbler makes sure to provide more than your expectations.

The design of this bubbler is unique and the fact that it comes in various different colors adds to the reason for buying this bubbler. You can choose a bubbler of your favorite color and the collection is amazing. It is easy to clean and does not provide much effort.

  • Cost-efficient
  • Comes in different colors
  • Provides 100% Satisfaction
  • Unique design
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Does not come with a quartz banger

Most Demanding Glass Bubbler

The Marley Glass and Wood Bubbler provide the best filtration thanks to the showerhead percolator that is a part of it. This bubbler is great for herbs as it can transform them into a cloud of smoke that you love to carry along wherever you go.


You can add water if you want to, but this works almost the same without it too. The wood quality is groundbreaking and the looks are to die for. The best part about this bubbler is the five separable parts. This provides ease of cleaning and handling.


The following factors will help you understand the details of this product easily.

A little over budget for some, but within range of many. This glass and wood bubbler speaks for its price because of the high-quality material it packs in its structure. Not only is it great for smoking weed, but it also looks almost like a coffee maker. But make sure no one mistakes it for the latter.

Despite the fact that there were less than 5% negative reviews, we still made sure to check again and again so we do not miss any. And in the end, we can say with 100% surety that these negative reviews were only those who received a broken bubbler and the company, later on, sent them a new one.

The design of this bubbler features five separable parts that allow you to use and handle it with efficiency. The best thing is that the quartz banger is a part of this purchase. So the hybrid design does not only feature looks, but it also serves a purpose.

  • Comes with a quartz banger
  • Best for smoking dry drugs
  • Fun shaped
  • Positive customer reviews
  • The entire piece is separable leading to easy cleaning
  • Expensive in comparison to its competitors
  • The design can be a little better

Leading Bubbler With Unique Glass Design

We often see that when a product is simple, its benefits are quite less in comparison to those with ultra designs. In the case of bubblers, this statement is entirely true. But as there was someone to prove Einstein’s theory of dark energy wrong, the Boo Glass bubbler is here to prove that simple designs don’t necessarily mean fewer benefits.


For the carb hole, the air blockage is much better than many bubblers on our list. This bubbler is simple and small. Outstanding in other words. There are three color options so you can choose which color to get high with.


The following points will help you understand the details of this product in a much better way.

Prepare yourself to be left in awe. The Boo Glass Bubbler costs you less than $60. This might not be the cheapest bubbler in town, but the benefits you get along are those that come with bubblers that cost more than $100.

There were not many reviews on this product. And the reason is that this bubbler is underrated. Many people have yet to discover it. The majority of the reviews mention that the product must not gain popularity because the prices might go up because of fame. But that depends on demand and we don’t think any such thing will happen.

The design of this bubble is what amazes everyone. And in everyone, we too play a part. The mouthpiece stands at 90 degrees so that the hot products don’t reach your mouth and burn it. The simple sleek design makes sure that the bubbler stands firm in the palm of your hand.

  • Pocket-friendly
  • A great choice for beginners
  • Portable design
  • Best filtration
  • Available in three colors
  • Requires much effort to clean

Most Demanding Hammer Bubbler

The GRAV mini bubbler is not a hammer, so just don’t hit someone with it thinking it’ll hurt them. Jokes apart, the GRAV bubbler is a mini hammer bubbler that provides more benefits than its size. You might think that it might not have a good rest, but the chonky is there as a base for rest.


The best part is that this bubbler comes in eleven different colors. Now that is awesome. Moreover, there are two downstem pulls so you can smoke more in one go. According to the experts, it is better to use this bubbler with a flower.


The following factors will give you details on the quality of the GRAV Wave Bubbler.

The size and the cost of this bubbler are almost alike. The mini hammer bubbler costs you less than $50. It might not be the best design available in the market, but if you want something for a good friends’ night, this bubbler is the right choice.

Customer satisfaction is one important part of a product. If a product is good but the customers are not happy, there’s no point in it being good. The mini hammer bubbler knows this and makes sure to take all customers on the journey of satisfaction.

The design of this bubbler is unique. The two downstem pulls you get that allow more smoke to pass through in one go make it teens’ favorite. Moreover, the chonky works best when resting the bubbler.

  • Unique design
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Two downstem pulls
  • Better than one hitter
  • Small size
  • Demanding cleaning

Natural Glass Bubbler With Bowl

Last but not least, the Diamond bubbler is the ideal bubbler for those looking for a simple and average bubbler. It is five inches tall, and the best part is that its design is stemless. Its size makes it easy for the users to take it from one place to another.


The Diamond logo on the bubbler is eye-catching and the bowl is also praiseworthy. The extra accessories you get in this package are all that you need for a good and long-lasting session.


The price of the Diamond Bubbler is great, especially when you consider the accessories you get with it. The features are enough to prove that the $70 you spent on the bubbler did not go to waste.

 There are many reviews on this product, and it was hard for us to find any negative reviews. Out of the total reviews, only 2 percent were negative. And that was because the users could not find the proper usage method for this bubbler. Customers say that whether there is maple syrup or weed inside the bubbler, it is easy to clean.

The design of this bubbler is worth every buck. There are two colors that you can choose from, and the mouthpiece is at a great distance to avoid any splashes reaching your mouth. Moreover, the bowl is huge and great for a long-lasting session.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with extra accessories
  • Satisfactory customer reviews
  • Great design
  • Less durable than its competitors

How We Made The List Of Best Bubblers?

While looking for the best bubblers, we came across many made of borosilicate glass, and we came to know that it is the best for smoking. But that is not the point of discussion right now. While making this list, we made sure to look through many features of each product, and while doing so, many bubblers failed to meet our standards.


It’s not because our standards are so high, but because the products do look good in pictures but their details fail to match those pictures. And you can easily point out a scam this way.

What We Looked For Before Buying Best Bubblers?

While reviewing bubblers, there are a few factors we looked at:

Whether it is a mini bubbler or a spherical pocket bubbler, the price is one thing that matters the most. But oftentimes when you go for a cheap product, the quality deteriorates. And this is why many people look for reviews and details on each product. However, in the case of our list, the prices are within budget and the quality is top-notch.

 A bong is quite similar to a bubbler, but the satisfaction both bring is entirely different. A hand pipe is often a part of a bubbler and it plays its part in customer satisfaction because of the ease it provides. Whether it is buying weed online or tobacco, you can reach new heights with these bubblers.

The authenticity of a product lies in the reviews its customers give. It is impossible for a product to not have negative reviews. But the ratio between negative and positive reviews tells the truth. But in the case of the bubblers on our list, the reviews tell that the smoke session always hits the best.

Bubblers come in different designs, some have a simple design but some have a unique design. In the case of our list, these bubblers are not at all simple. Three of our products feature a water chamber which adds to the style and experience. They have the perfect design which makes it easy to inhale whatever you have in your bubbler.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Bubbler

There are a few factors you must consider while choosing the best bubbler. It is impossible to list all the factors here, but we made sure to list the most important ones. Read on for details.

Borosilicate is the only material that every party approves. In the case of others, there is a split between the statements on whether the material is safe to use or not. Especially when the users add chemicals like isopropyl alcohol, there is a high chance of damage to the lungs. So the best thing you can do is choose a product made of borosilicate glass.

If a bubbler is too large in size, there is a high chance that the fission downstem is not well designed. All of the bubblers on our list are average size—neither too big nor too small. This makes it easy for the bubbles and for you too. If the bubbler is too big, it will become difficult to handle it during sessions. Also, there is a high chance of breaking it.

If the bubbler is not easy to clean, there is no need to buy it. See, these are made of glass, and glass is prone to breaking. And if a product requires too much effort while cleaning, it becomes easy for it to slip from your hands. Also, who wants to spend more than a couple of minutes washing/cleaning a bubbler? So, it is better to buy a bubbler that is easy to clean and not so big.

FAQs For Best Bubblers

It depends on what you like the most. But the fact that bubblers are easy to use and provide a much better experience makes them better than bowls. Also, bubblers are safer than bowls in many ways.

If you want a purchase for a long time, we recommend you go for bubblers. The reason is that bubblers are less likely to break than a bong. Moreover, bubblers are easy to use because of their low complexity. However, you can try some best bongs which prove to be best in terms of smoking.

When buying a bubbler, there are many things you must look for. But the first and most important part is the design and ease of cleaning. Other than that, whatever you find within your budget is good to go.

Yes. Double bubblers are better than single bubblers in many ways. Not only do they come with two chambers, but they also provide double benefits in comparison to a single-chamber bubbler.

Conclusion: Is Smoking Out Of A Bubbler Better?

Bubblers don’t only look cool on your shelves, but they produce a cool vapor in less time than bongs. You will start to feel the beat once you pop the bubbler in your mouth. These are safer and more durable than bongs or any other pipes.


You get to experience a smooth smoke, and choosing the right one for yourself is no longer an issue. You can choose any of the water pipes we have listed to try out a seamless smoking experience.


This article mentions details on every factor and answers the majority of the questions you have regarding bubblers.


Cheers to a happy smoke!

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