As a Heart-Centeredbioimg Hypnotherapist who has been practicing
in Idaho for four years, I offer unconditional love, acceptance,
compassion, understanding, and intuition. Through trance states I
provide supportive experiences and teaching, as well as guidance for
people on their soul’s journey. I am here to help you know yourself
by focusing on the mind, body, emotion and spiritual connection to
whatever is challenging you right now. We are spiritual beings on
this material journey and our spirituality is a very important part of our physical, emotional, and mental wellness and wholeness.
Through integration we are able to find our spiritual path, growth,
wisdom as well as genuine happiness and wellness.

We each have a luminous river of wellness that flows through us with healing.

Bachelor of Psychology, 2002:

Drew University, Madison, New Jersey

Master’s of Social Work 2004:

New York University

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist & Certified Release Therapist:

The Wellness Institute

Subtle Energy Healing:

Personal Transformation Intensive Leader:

TRIM-LIFE® Weight Release Program:

Integral Breathwork Facilitator, Leadership Level:

Integration Concepts

Nurturing Your Natural Abundant Wellness